The Beard and Moustache Collection

Get everything you need for a great beard and moustache and save. The collection includes:

Urban Beard Oil

Rub a few drops into your beard daily to heal and repair your beard. Urban Beard oil helps keep the beard soft, healthy looking and smelling fresh. Beard oil heals dry, flaky skin and prevents beard-dandruff. 

Urban Beard Oil comes in a handy 30ml bottle with a dropper cap so that you can easily control the amount you use and it closes with a twist top to ensure there's no mess.

Cleansing Conditioner

You use conditioner for you hair, so why not for your beard? This organic cleansing conditioner is specially formulated for beards. Use after an organic beard shampoo to soothe and relieve the skin below your beard, leaving your facial hair feeling unusually soft and smooth.

The cleansing conditioner has an outstanding anti-itch formula for new growth and for the established beard. Once worked through your beard in the shower, rinse thoroughly to leave your beard clean, silky smooth and smelling fresh. Shake well before use. Comes in a 30ml bottle.

Shampoo Bar

When used on the beard, traditional shampoo can leave the beard and skin underneath; looking and feeling dry. Facial soap leaves sticky residue behind. That's why the Urban Beard Shampoo Bar was created. The shampoo gently cleanses both the beard and the sensitive skin underneath, leaving both beard and face clean, soft and smelling great. The shampoo bar weights approximately 5oz. 

Moustache Wax

The Urban Beard moustache wax is formulated for taming and shaping moustaches into any shape while at the same time adding shine, deep conditioning, strength and a healthy growth stimulation.  Aside from adding volume and control to your moustache, Urban Beard Moustache Wax works exceptionally well as a hair product too. It helps control, shape, and relieve frizz in your hair. 

It's a blend of organic oils and Canadian harvested beeswax, which provide your moustache with nutrients and hold. Urban Beard moustache wax is organic and vegan friendly, comes in a 30ml canister and has a nice mild scent from the essential oils within.

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