What is the difference between beard balm and beard oil?

January 23, 2015

In case you hadn't noticed lately, beards are in. But those big, glorious manes of hair don't happen overnight. It takes some intentional loving care to grow and maintain a strong and healthy beard. The products you use are ultimately up you and your beard's needs and preferences.

Some gents like to use just one, but others go for both of these beard grooming essentials. So which one should you use?

It all comes down to personal preference. Those of you with a shorter beard will likely prefer an oil, or perhaps you have a long, gnarly beard that needs a bit of TLC, but like how you beard lays naturally. Conditioning the beard, without weighing it down or clogging up your pores, oils are fresh, easily absorbed and super light. Check out the beard oils from Urban Beard and Groom.

Beard balm tends to give a little more hold, especially to those who have misbehaved, unruly beards. For example, beard balms tend to contain shea butter and beeswax, as well as most of the beneficial oils featured in the beard oil. You might opt for the beard balm if you find your beard needs smoothing down and taming - as it'll do the job of providing enough hold to keep it looking tip-top, while still retaining a natural look. Check out the balms from 1740.

The verdict: Opt for beard oil if you want your beard to retain it's natural shape, but feel nourished and healthy. Go for a beard balm if you want to tame your beard lightly, while conditioning at the same time.

You might also like to use both. Use the beard oil daily, and use the beard balm once or twice a week. It all comes down to preference though, some might find the balm great for everyday use, especially those who work outdoors and their skin and beard can end up dry and irritated. Balm is especially great during the dry winter months. Check out the scent matching oils and balms from Always Bearded.

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