Say Hello to Groom

November 16, 2014

Made in Montreal, Groom has a line of natural, hand-made grooming products for men. I discovered this troupe on Instagram when their logo and packaging caught my eye. I reached out and they graciously sent me some samples of their line up to take for a spin.

It's always great to find someone authentically making high-quality products here in Canada, especially so when you’re know you’re helping a fellow Canadian make their dreams happen. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to grow a proper beard or moustache myself, though I try at least once a year, I was able to test the hair pomade. Because they use all natural ingredients it's a little different from the chemical concoctions we're used to, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. In fact I found it to be rather favourable for styling my hair - I don't super strong holds so it's perfect.

And although I normally sport a 5 o'clock shadow, I put the shaving oil to work to be thorough. It gave a nice, clean, smooth shave without giving me any complaints. Next time I shave, this will definitely be part of the process.

I had some of my bearded friends try out the beard oil and moustache wax, and the reviews I got back were, "You're not expecting me to return these right?!” So I feel pretty good about offering you these and the previous two Groom products on Thresherman.

Check them out and get your ‘groom’ on:

Beard Oil
Nourishes the beard and the skin underneath. It will leave you with a refreshing sensation, a soft beard and a healthy look.

Moustache Wax
This formal has been carefully refined to offer the best qualities of a moustache wax: malleability, comfort of application and an unrivalled hold.

Shaving Oil
The shaving oil offers added protection during shaving and nourishes the skin for a superior shaving experience.

Hair Pomade
Provides shine and definition to your do. Vegetable oils and butters provide nutrition to the hair, while a touch of beeswax gives a supple hold.

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