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August 16, 2014

Just too funny. The most important blog on Tumblr - thechippingpoint.tumblr.com insightful interviews about your favorite snack foods.

It is still Summer in Canada for another month or so… Preventing Swamp Crotch: 10 Product “Scientifically” Tested by The Art of Manliness 

Everyone needs a good hat. The Top 10 Hat Stores in Toronto by blogTO.   

I don’t have to wear ties very often, but when the need arises its nice to have the right tie at the ready. Here are the 5 neckties you need to get you through most any occasion

The iPhone has so many great podcast apps, each with their own unique features, it can be hard to know which you’ll like best. And if you’re like me, you want to use the best. So Anxious Machine put together a short comparison video. I had already adopted Overcast, but I learned a few new tricks about it.

He also has a comparison video on RSS apps. I currently use Reeder and love the speed, but I find I get the list down to about 20 articles I want to read but then they just sit there. An app like Unread which is focused on presenting the text beautifully might just be app for those last 20 articles.

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