Friday Link Roundup

August 01, 2014

We do a lot of research for Thresherman finding creators and products from Canada and the US, and with all of that reading we hit upon lots of sweet tips, products, reviews, etc. So we're opening up our bookmarks and sharing some of this week's best finds.

Corporate Fashion – Peacocking in the Workplace from

This is completely a bad purchase as I'm sure its not very energy efficient and its completely not necessary, but my inner Trekkie wants it really bad. A Borg Cube Fridge with glowing green LEDs

6 Chairs to Upgrade your Bachelor Pad on by Christian Dare - I can't decide if #1 or #5 is my favourite.

If your waistline is a problem, a small fridge could help. Your Giant American Fridge is Making You Fat and Poor

Need some date ideas? Here's 5 Great Date Ideas from Dappered

Here are some tips for Gentlemanly Man Caves over at Domaine

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