Buy Less, Buy Better

July 30, 2014

Inevitably it happens to all of us. Sometimes it's from spring cleaning or brought on by moving; we rummage through our closets and drawers bagging up item after item to donate to charity. As a society we often choose the cheap and easy; disposable everything are taken for granted. But its not sustainable.

I'm more proud of the table I bought which was made in Canada and built to last a lifetime; than the dresser I assembled myself and likely couldn't survive another move. I have a closet full of old bags bought based on their price, but could only manage to survive a year of commuting. Same goes for shoes... such a waste.

At around the same time I started work developing this site, I made a conscious decision to start buy less and buy better. Instead of buying a new messenger bag every year, I researched to find one with my preferred qualities and one built to last. It looks as good today when I bought it, and I suspect it will continue to perform well five years from now and longer. Plus, in the long run I'll save money and time compared to what "cheap" bags would have cost me. Sometimes cheap is expensive.

Buying better isn't always easy; it takes work researching products and stores with the item. But its worth the satisfaction knowing you made a good decision, and won't face that purchasing decision again for years, if ever. It also makes spring cleaning or moving much easier.

- Erik

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