Is happy spritz for Men?

July 15, 2014

I'll admit when I first came across Happy Spritz I dismissed it as being too girly. But with names like Musky Barbershop and Woodsy Lumberjack, there must be something more to it. Plus its made in Canada so I decided to give it a try, or a spritz if you will.

My personal favourite has to be Rugged Gentleman, a mix of patchouli and sage has an easy and relaxing scent. I've used it around the house before guests arrive to make sure the place smells great. But these past few weeks it has found its way into my gym bag - definitely a saver when the bag is locked in a car under a the hot sun all day. (Though I'm not sure it could stand up to a hockey bag.) It also works as a great cologne; and since it doesn't include any artificial ingredients or synthetic fragrances it makes a wise choice for those guys with allergies.

Musky Barbershop is a mix of cardamon, tangerine and frankincense which is another smooth and calming scent. Spray it on in the morning after your shower and you'll be fresh all day; maximize its effectiveness by spraying it directly on your skin.

Ahh, the Happy Hipster. A mix of patchouli and wild orange, is described on the bottle as being an aphrodisiac and energizing. I haven’t tested out the aphrodisiac claims, but sniffing the bottle does make me feel uplifted. 

Woodsy Lumberjack, a mix of cedarwood, vetiver and pine is described as calming a smoothing, but I found it to be rather bold. I probably wouldn’t break it out when I’m trying to relax personally, but it will be a good choice for others. Like Musky Barbershop, spray it on your skin after a shower when you're set.

As a bonus for the cross fit fans out there, Clean Jerk Repeat was made just for you. It has antibacterial and anti microbial benefits due to the spearmint and tea tree in that blend. Its great for knee sleeves, gym bags, yoga mats; or anyone needing a quick clean when you can't get to a shower right away.

If you're the kind of man who wants himself or his home to smell good, but maybe don't want flowery candles or synthetic colognes, these aromas from happy spritz are a solid choice. All of these products are handcrafted in British Columbia with organic ingredients, and the owners commit a portion of the proceeds to benefit animal rescue programs.

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