Woolfell in the house

June 16, 2014

When we first set out to create Thresherman, one of our objectives was to find well-done, hand-crafted items for the modern gentleman without the typically insane prices. All the while focusing only on brands based here in Canada or the US; which at first seemed like a daunting challenge. Over the past year, I have gotten better at finding brands that fit the bill, and so I'm thrilled to share one of my latest finds: Woolfell.

Featuring hand-made leather bags and accessories, Woolfell is based out of Montreal, Quebec and just got started last year. 

From their site: "We are a really small team, and everything is done in our headquarters. We’ve had the chance to take a slow approach on every aspect of Woolfell because we believe that only time and hard work can truly reflect good quality and authenticity. And since every bag is handmade and not mass-produced, we like to think that every Woolfell bag is truly unique."

We're honored and delighted to be offering Woolfell and hope you enjoy their Canadian craftsmanship as well.

- Erik

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